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Euclid Consortium Meeting 2016
Mapping the geometry of the dark universe

There is a large choice of hotels, bed and breakfast (residencial or pensão), apartments and hostels (dorms) in Lisbon.

Main hotels are searchable in and a useful list of budget hotels can be found here.

Apartments and Hostels are mostly recently renovated picturesque buildings in the city center. They tend to be convivial.

Residenciais/Pensões are mostly old-fashioned cheap hotels. Some are a good budget choice, with reasonable quality at a third of the price of a hotel. Some may be a bit shabby, depending on location. A useful list can be found here.

Below there follows some tips to assist you in your search for accommodation on-line.

There are very few hotels in Belém, 2 of them being very expensive, so most of the participants will not be able to stay in Belém. The complete list is:

Hotel Jerónimos 8 (4 stars)
We have reserved a number of rooms in this hotel. To book one of these rooms at a preferred rate (150 Euros), please do not book online but send an email to quoting “Euclid Consortium Meeting 2016”.

Residencial Setubalense
A much cheaper option (single rooms at 45 Euros). They also have triple rooms at 55 Euros, which may be an interesting option for young participants travelling together.

Altis Belém Hotel (5 stars)

Palácio do Governador (5 stars)

Famous Crows hostel

People hostel

Boat at Lisbon
Docked at Belém, it has 2 bedrooms.

Western Riverfront
Hotel Vila Galé Opera (4 stars)
A large hotel located between the city center and Belém, with convenient tram connection to CCB.

Historical Center
In the city center there was a recent boom of nicely decorated and affordable hostels. However hotels are rather pricy. Be aware that many areas are not served by subway and require some walking. The most convenient areas to search are:
Cais do Sodré: (train to venue)
Chiado: (subway or walking to Cais do Sodré)
Rossio/Baixa: (subway to Cais do Sodré)

Avenidas Novas: hotel areas
Contrary to the historical center, here there is plenty of choice. The best option is to book a hotel close to a subway station. Large hotel chains (e..g Sana, Fenix, Ibis) cluster in the areas of Marquês de Pombal, Entrecampos/Campo Pequeno, and Praça de Espanha subway stations. Notice none of these areas are on a direct subway line to Cais do Sodré. Some examples of hotels in these areas are:

Hotel Expo Astoria (3 stars) (Marquês de Pombal)

Hotel Florida (4 stars) (Marquês de Pombal)

Vip Executive Zurique Hotel (3 stars) (Entrecampos)

NH Campo Grande (4 stars) (Entrecampos)

Avenidas Novas: subway green line
Hotels on the subway green line (direct line to Cais do Sodré train station) are a more a convenient option. There are several bed and breakfast and budget hotels along this line. The better ones are located from Alameda to Roma (which in addition are only a 10 minute taxi ride to the airport), while in Arroios to Martim Moniz they tend to be shabbier. Some examples of accommodation along the green line are:

Hotel A.S. Lisboa (3 stars)

Pensão Fonte Luminosa

Residencial Lar do Areeiro

Hotel Roma (3 stars)

Hotel Lutécia (4 stars)

An alternative to Lisbon is to stay in Estoril, a sea resort west of Lisbon on the same urban train line. The direct train journey Estoril-Belém takes 30 minutes.

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